Tricia A. Bigelow

Tricia A Bigelow

Tricia A. Bigelow

Hon. Tricia A. Bigelow (Ret.) is a mediator, arbitrator, discovery referee, and appellate consultant who holds over 26 years of experience on the bench. Over the course of Justice Bigelow’s career, she has served in a variety of capacities in roles such as Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Associate Justice of the California Court of Appeal, 2nd District (Div.8), and Presiding Justice of the California Court of Appeal. Justice Bigelow’s experience within the courts is underlined by a history of working on complex, comprehensive cases involving public figures, high-profile companies, and institutions.

Currently, Justice Bigelow serves as a neutral mediator, arbitrator, and appellate consultant at Signature Resolution, where she leverages her experience as an attorney and judge to reach decisions.

Justice Bigelow is acknowledged for the profound interest that she shows in remaining involved in the legal field and its developments. She has authored three books on California law, has spoken at lectures related to topics such as fairness, judicial ethics, trials, and civil motions, and has served various institutions throughout her career. Notably, Justice Bigelow played an active role in creating standardized jury instruction for California judges through charging the Los Angeles Superior Court Civil Education Committee and serving on the CACI jury instruction committee. She has also remained active in the education of new judges in the state of California during her tenure as the Dean of Bernard E. Witkin California Judicial College from 2006 to 2008.

Justice Bigelow has built a reputation within her field for her strong commitment to justice and emphasis on upholding caring approaches to legal processes. Clients and colleagues alike speak to how she is able to resolve disputes through her mediation skills and sort through intricate facts that may be challenging to other mediators. Justice Bigelow’s extensive knowledge of legal precedents, gift for preparation, and ability to keep up with cases’ underlying facts combine to empower her to get to the bottom of simple and complex mediations alike.

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Tricia A Bigelow

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